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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/SET/2011 12:42 AM
Assunto:  Tantas escolas e tão poucos falantes! Paradoxo?

    Hi Aman.   Glad that you shared it with us.

    The critical analysis is good, food for tought sort of, but there are some points or details that maybe have been overlooked.

     Well, first of all; there are a few that are fluent, this is a indisputable truth (tough, outside of English speaking countries the pattern seems like being similar to ours).    

     Something to bear in mind is that the number of schools doesn´t necessarily means that everyone will master English, and maybe it is not as bad thing as it seems... look to the number of particular prep school to universities, not every of them is going to

succeed in their entrance exams.

      Even doing so, they will end their graduating and not get a position, or not the position they studied for.

      Yep, the learning/teaching material (books, binders et cetera) sometimes is flawed, I have learned that there are grammar mistakes, typos and others things are overlooked.     But let´s not generalize; 3,000  schools is quite a number and we would be unfair to say that this happens all the time.   

       This do happens, but the author would do a favor to the reader if he had him know which ones, anyway he hinted how you can deem yourself fluent or not, it´s already something!   I would suggest him to give more clues about to choose a good institution or teacher.   

        Speaking of teachers, I wouldn´t dismiss the fact of one living abroad. If that is not a big deal as background while being a teacher, the student or the time will say.

        Instead, the education authorities should demand more quality, in Japan it´s very very hard to be a teacher of English, they do tests and only the best is accepted, nothing less.

        Broadly speaking, the more you brag about your product, the more possibility of it being of inferior quality, so it´s not that curious fact.  There´s not free lunch, but we forget that when we are too hungry...we are suckers the same way when our (cell) phone get a sms (text) message that tell us that we got a spanking-brand-new car and please answer back in a milisecond, or you will miss it! 

       And last but not least, the student himself has to take some blame.

       We are such a lazybones sometimes, have you ever heard of the maxim that goes "the cat likes the fish, but hates to wet his paws"?.    Sometimes we wait passively for what is coming to us.  

        The learner have to be curious, not only about the classes, but about life and communicating with others, the extra-class activity countless times is right in front of you, and you don´t see (or don´t want to). 

        Remember that Russian or French guy or gal that knew only his language and English?  you shied away of giving him directions, and doing so you lost one golden opportunity to brush up your skills. 

         These are some aspects of the question, my intent is not exhaust the question but here I gave some points of reference, a kick-off then.




       Well, if I have made tons of grammar mistakes, please feel free to correct them; it´s due to late hours and my lately workload  (he he, a lame excuse but I had to give one anyway!)




        Ah, thanks you all that appreciated the last joke I posted, if some more comes up I will let you know.    Have fun!


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