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Autor:  infojunkie
E-mail:  tryingkaspersky@gmail.com
Data:  27/SET/2011 8:23 PM
Assunto:  How to translate the verb "tool"into Por
Mensagem:  I´m talking about the verb tool (as in popular speech) meaning the attempt to manipulate a person and make him look like a fool or socially awkward, using verbal and nonverbal communication (like looking at each other in a certain way) within a group to try and achieve that.

For example, say you´re in a party and go up to group of people and try open a conversation. Someone in the group doesn´t like you very much and tries to do/say things that intend to lower your value (social value I mean) and try to get the others in the group to join him.

For instance: John and Todd don´t like each other. John used to be fat, but is no longer that way. They´re in a club and John goes up to a group of girls they both know and say hi or something. Happens that Todd is around and goes up to them and say

"Heeeeeeey bud, still dealing with the man boobs?"

in an attempt to make him (Todd) look cool and dominant and get the girls to shun John or something.

This is what I mean by tooling.

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