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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  28/ABR/2013 12:34 PM
Assunto:  Pćo com Manteiga, etc...
Personal comments::

I eat a loaf of bread for breakfast.
This is almost impossible.  A loaf of bread is usually quite large.  To give you an idea, a loaf of sliced bread lasts me about two weeks. 
Try this website for photos of loaves of bread:

I break my fast eating bread loaves and drinking coffee au lait.
A "fast" is something formal, perhaps religious or medical, and it's planned.  It is much more than merely not eating for a few hours or a day.  I've already mentioned "loaves" above. 

In early the morning sometimes my meal is a slice of bread and butter.

I have some rolls and butter for breakfast.
"Roll" is a countable, and one would expect it to be in the plural after "some".  Rolls tend to be small, so it is doubtful that someone would eat only part of one for breakfast.

"Eu como pćo com manteiga e presunto"
I eat bread with butter and ham ( or - bread and butter and ham ).

"I eat bread with butter and ham" is fine.

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