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Autor:  Teacher
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Data:  15/JUL/2013 3:11 PM
Assunto:  Títulos e sir
Mensagem:  Katiana,

Let's say the speaker ( receptionist, clerk, attendant ) said it this way "Good evening, Mr. ...",  and added a brief pause expecting the client or guest to add his last name, then there would be no grammatical mistake.

Good evening, Mr ... (brief pause) how may I help you?

The other speaker could interrupt and add his last name.

Good evening, Mr ... 


Good evening, Mr. Silva, how may I help you?

If a last name is not used, a polite form of addressing someone is by the use of sir or ma'am

Good evening, How may I help you? ( I wouldn't add sir or ma'am to this sentence because it is already very polite. )

Grammar can be divided in distinct areas, such as form ( formulas, structures ), meaning ( what it says ), and usage ( how people use it, for example: "long time no see".

Long time no see is grammatically incorrect but its usage is acceptable by native speakers.

Use, Form, and Meaning 

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