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Autor:  Polibius
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Data:  19/JUL/2013 2:40 PM
Assunto:  genitive suffix
Mensagem:  Suffix: anything you add at the end of a word, e.g. car~cars (plural), work~works (3rd. person singular), work~worked (past), work ~ worker (transform a verb into a noun 'someone who works'), happy~happier (comparative), boy~boy's ('something that belogs to the boy') and etc

prefix: attached at the beginning of a word: happy~unhappy, generalize~overgeneralize, etc

genetive suffix=> the thing you attach at the end of a word to denote possession, sometimes it is understood and not spoken e.g. the boys' bikes (even if we have a ' it is only present in written language). 

Normally the study of suffixes and prefixes is the concern of morphology (the internal structure of the words).

Case: English has 4 cases and we see them in the pronominal system of the language: nominative (subject) "I", accusative (object) "me", reflexive "myself" and genetive (possession) "my/mine". Languages like Latin, Russian and Finnish have more cases tha English.

Normally the study of cases is a matter of syntax (the distribution of words and the agreements wrods triggers in a sentence).

So genitive case and genitive suffix are the same thing, only the focus of study change.

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