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Autor:  Katiana
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/DEZ/2013 10:28 AM
Assunto:  Good News!!!



It's the  Illinois State University . I'll be studying there on January and February. All the expenses will be paid and that includes  J1 exchange visitor VISA , plane tickets, housing, food, transportation in US and BR, health insurance ,  academic  fees  , books and studying  material , besides  this, they will give me a stipend of 500 dollars and 240 rais to spend with transportation  to get to the airport in Brazil. There will also be some cultural trip program on weekends . Pretty good, huh?



you are always sharing your knowledge, I've learned a lot reading your posts here . Thanks.On listening parts You Tube helped and mp3 files samples for TOEFL ( just google it) and TestDen http://www.testden.com/toefl/grammar/questions_a.html . On structure part I used Toefl test book by Nancy stanley and many English grammar by Murthy and the best of all : clear up doubts with EMB forum. On reading part I used Longman Preparation for Toefl . There are many Toefl prep  books for downloading.


The TOEFL that I took was ITP one , many people make confusion to IBT , which is the most famous. Each TOEFL has its score , so the grade in one doesn't correspond the grade in the other.

I got 595 in ITP series. I think it is around 85 % of the total score..

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