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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  11/NOV/2014 7:19 PM
Assunto:  Proofreaded -Part II.

     Think of this as a preview, to be polished by others, more advanced students, teachers, or natives.  part I is the same as before, just in a more neatly way.  


       This research aim/goal is to investigate teacher formation who work with students with special educational needs. Its general  is to widen knowledge about training of inclusive education for teachers.

         Its specific goals are : to analyze  teachers ' speech according to  different types of professional  training backgrounds on the matter of inclusion; identify what kind of professional training teachers available (available -perhaps, depends on what you mean) to work with  such students.

    It also aims to understand main characteristics of education geared towards teacher's of the area, at the same time it debates the two-pronged approach of educational styles, that of  the  generalist and the specialist educators.



 estudo foi realizado através de uma pesquisa qualitativa. Como instrumento de trabalho, foi formulada uma entrevista direcionada a professoras especialistas e generalistas. Esta pesquisa será construída com base em vários autores: Jesus (2009), Bueno (1999 e 2002), Glat (1999 e 2011), Mazzotta (2001), Mantoan (1997), Mittler (2003), Nóvoa (1993 e 2001), Sasski (2005), Pereira (2000).

      This study work provides a qualitative research. It was carried out a standard/standardized interview aimed at specialist and generalist teachers. The research was built grounded on multiple scholar´s methods and thoughts [or perhaps “the respective schools of thinking of Bueno, Glat, etc...”, depending on what you meant]: Jesus (2009), Bueno (1999 and 2002), Glat (1999 and 2011), Mazzotta (2001), Mantoan (1997), Mittler (2003), Novoa (1993 and 2001), Sasski (2005), Pereira (2000).

 Fica claro que os profissionais necessitam de cursos de formação continuada em serviço, direcionados tanto para as abordagens metodológicas especificas de sua área de atuação quanto a aspectos gerais da formação de professores. Esse estudo nos levará a uma reflexão acerca das nossas ações enquanto   educadores, ao mesmo tempo em que estudamos o assunto, somos o objeto desse mesmo estudo. Na verdade, nos transformamos ao longo das análises, reflexões, leituras e conversas com outros profissionais.

       It´s *became apparent that/**it´s undisputable that lessons learned from the present studies that professionals need continuing in-service training and courses, targeted to the specific to their area of ​​expertise. As well as the general aspects of their education.

       This work/paper focuses on the role of educators, while in teaching situations. At the same time, while being doing the study were/are the object of that study. In fact, we improve/change ourselves in the process. Through the analyzes, reflections, readings and conversations with our professional peers. (to me “other professionals” could lead the reader to think of people of other professions, other than teachers)

* and ** have slightly different nuances/shades of gray.

Meanwhile could be confuse with “entretanto”.

Rebuild – past would be “rebuilt”. But I would use the word other contexts.

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