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Autor:  Tiago T.
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  30/NOV/2014 5:15 PM
Assunto:  Paper Abstract
Hello everyone,

I'm writing a paper on a business administration topic and I have to include an English abstract. I've written the first version, but I wonder if you guys can tell me if the text sounds natural and if it makes sense for a native speaker. Improvement suggestions are, of course, very welcome!

Thanks in advance!


This paper proposes an application of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method at Touch Tecnologia, a company that develops software solutions for clients in the health-care industry (medical laboratories, hospitals and clinics). In order to achieve so, a brief review about the subject is carried out. BSC is, essentially, a strategic planning and management tool that helps tracking and monitoring the activities of a company. The main attributes of BSC are the following (LAWRIE; COBBOLD, 2004): using a mixture of financial and non-financial indicators; choosing a limited number of indicators; clustering indicators into four groups (perspectives): "financial", "customer", "internal process" and "innovation and learning"; selecting indicators that relate to specific strategic goals, so that they will gain active endorsement from senior managers in the organization. In order to guide the BSC proposal, some of the company's partners are interviewed and the main strategic goals of the organization are discussed. Based on the interviews, several objectives are listed and clustered into the four perspectives of BSC. For each of the goals, performance indicators are proposed, as well as methods for measuring them. During the interviews, a clear emphasis is given on the "financial" and "customer" perspectives, indicating that the current focus of the company should be on these areas. Nevertheless, indicators from the other perspectives are analyzed as well because BSC requires a balance among the groups of indicators. This paper suggests as a conclusion that, at the software development industry, managing goals and indicators in the "financial" and "customer" perspectives tends to be more straightforward than in the "internal process" and "innovation and learning" perspectives. In the latter groups, it becomes evident that the evolution of the company in terms of team performance and staff knowledge is difficult to measure. Several metrics that aim to evaluate team performance end up focusing on technical aspects of the software being developed, so they are subject to manipulation and may induce unfavorable behavior. Moreover, staff knowledge, oftentimes acquired in intuitive and practical ways, is a potential pitfall in terms of quantification. Despite the obstacles that were pointed out, it becomes clear that controlling performance indicators, in general, makes it easier for the company to pursue its strategic goals.

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