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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  06/JUN/2009 9:47 AM
Assunto:  off -shore

Main Entry: 1off·shore 
Function: adverb
Date: 1720
1: from the shore : seaward ; also : at a distance from the shore
2: outside the country : abroad     (note:   off-shore - extraterritoriality)



Tata buys European E-Learning Companies
Posted by Kevin Kruse at 4:00:32 PM

This is inevitable. To solidify gains and overcome the obvious challenges, off-shore (typically Indian)
 e-learning companies will continue to buy smaller developers in their customer countries.


Here the Serebra group gives tutoring abroad, it is a off-shore entrepeunership, seen from the
developing countries point-of-view.
Not everybody is happy with this kind of arrangement, just read this message´s extract:

Shameful, Shameful, Shameful !
This author is encouraging everybody that the future is off-shore for everything. What happens if that were true?

How will the American people exist? Should America re-train itself to become mere technicians to the off-shore job holders… the end result if anyone is really thinking this thing through and this author’s misguided concept of the real potential for a prosperous lifestyle.

Are you a agent for some out-sourcing company whose answer is such for anything and everything?

Obviously here the message´s author isn´t talking about sea-wardness.




Washington, D.C.: New Study Highlights $100 Billion a Year Hidden in Off-Shore Tax Havens

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2009 As Americans rush to the post offices to pay their taxes, Washington-based U.S. Public Interest Research Group has released a new report showing how major US corporations avoid paying their fair share by hiding money in tax havens like the Cayman Islands.

Using data from the General Accountability Office (GAO), congressional studies and Internal Revenue Service reports, Tax Shell Game The Taxpayer Cost of Offshore Corporate Tax Havens illustrates how 83 of the 100 biggest corporations in America dodge taxes by maintaining foreign subsidiaries in off-shore locations.

And not here too.




Volatile Fuel Prices Shift Off-shore Drilling Debate

The past year's volatile gas prices are impacting the ongoing debate on whether to drill for oil off the coasts of Virginia and California. Spencer Michels reports on how the price swings and new technology are affecting the controversy.


Pioneering off-shore wind farm projects gets go-ahead.


In these two last examples, it is clear that is not about "abroad" or "extraterritoriality". It´s all about something connected with work that is done on or under the sea.


We can have, for example, offshore winds/current - the one that is blowing or moving away from the land.    [Example taken from Longman´s entry offshore]


Hope it clears your doubt.



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