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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  30/AGO/2009 8:31 AM
Assunto:  mayor/principal






(Authority)                   (In written)                     (in Person)                 (Abbr.) 

Presidente da               Excelentíssimo                Vossa Excelência               V. Exª

República                    Senhor Presidente

                                   da República 

Senador da República   Excelentíssimo                Vossa Excelência               V. Exª

                                     Senhor Senador


Ministro de Estado         Excelentíssimo                 Vossa Excelência              V. Exª    

                                     Senhor Ministro   

Governador                   Excelentíssimo                  Vossa Excelência            V. Exª Estado                       Senhor Governador 


Deputados                    Excelentíssimo Senhor      Vossa Excelência             V. Exª

Federal e Estadual         Senhor Deputado


Prefeito Municipal          Excelentíssimo                Vossa Excelência              V. Exª

(Mayor)                         Senhor Prefeito


Embaixadores                   Excelentíssimo                Vossa Excelência              V. Exª

                                      Senhor Embaixador



Vereador                         Senhor Vereador             Vossa Excelência              V. Exª   


Cônsul Senhor Cônsul Vossa Excelência  V. Exª   

Reitor de Universidade      Magnífico Reitor            Vossa Magnificência         V. Magª




Chefe da Casa Civil           Excelentíssimo             Vossa Excelência              V. Exª

e Casa Militar                    Senhor  Chefe



Diretor de Autarquia           Senhor                         Vossa Senhoria               V. Sª 

Federal, Estadual e              Diretor



Diretor de escola (Principal):

 It doesn´t usually shows up in the lists in the Internet, but I did some "clerkwork" last year and we put in  (Faxes in a oficial capacity): Senhor Diretor... to principals and head teachers. 



   Note: I would say that you may adress to a mayor saying 'prefeito' and he is not going to be irked with you.    Most of them; and more so, if he rules a town of  until 15,000 inhabitants (that´s the case in most of Brazilian cities in Northeast for example, and many in the South region as well). 

             I mean, speaking to the man in the flesh, thus,  spoken Portuguese.

             To large cities´ mayor, say, Sao Paulo, Rioor capitals, it´s not advisable this wording, (so informal) unless you are from his inner circle (maybe in public he is going to be offended with such an informality, but in private he will accept it).


            In official letters (ofícios) you might and should use the abbreviatons. In fact, it´s your call, but in a fax you may leave them out.   In an official letter (ofício), though, you shall use them (most of cases if you making requests, or some other official communication). 


            In your case, it seems that you know the guys well (or fairly well), they are from a town (less than 15;000 inhabitants -rule of thumb) and they aren´t prone to formalities (or are they? I mean, mainly the mayor...you better gather some information about the guy, then).      There is another factor; Brazilians like English speaking people and they tend to treat them as peers in normal social situations.


        I might have forgo some other details, others will help us with more.

        That´s all for the time being.






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