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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  01/SET/2009 1:39 AM
Assunto:  Lot x Batch

 Maybe the trickiest of the month, congratulations!

 First in IT (informática) lingo :


batch number
[processamento de dados] s. número de lote, m.

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    Related Terms: Dictionary of Marketing Terms batch identification -  code assigned to a batch to identify it for processing, balancing, storage, and audit lookup; also called batch number.



BATCH NUMBERS - Series of numbers imprinted by the manufacturer on the packaging of film and light-sensitive products to indicate that the materials are all from the same production batch, and therefore share closely-similar qualities.



What is the difference between lot number and batch number?
I think depends on how you used it? Basically they are the same. Batch is widely use in transaction while lot is use for stocks (small item, large quantity). Batch can also be use for stock in different warehouse process.

1: This batch of transactions contains lot ### to lot ###.
2: This transaction contains this batch of items ( usually larger items, smaller quantity, serialized).

Better answer, anyone? =)
Yes, I think I have a better answer or at least more complete....
A "batch" is (in mathematical/statistical terms) a "set" - in english it is an item/product that is made under (preparer) defined criteria under certain conditions (e.g controlled materials/ingredients, under a controlled temperature, for a controlled time frame, for a certain quantity, volume or time period)
A "lot" is very similar to a batch, but it is a sub set of a batch. There can be many "lots" in a single batch, but a single lot can contain only one batch. (e.g. a batch is the full quantity defined by the preparer, and the batch may be seperated into many lots. The "lot" should be traceable to a batch, and therefore made under the same criteria of the batch.
Example Company X make batch of 1234 cookies, there are 10000 cookies in this batch, in order to sell them they break the "batch" into 1000 "lots" of 10 cookies each.





a. DoD Item Unique Identification.  A system of marking items delivered to the Department of Defense with unique item identifiers that have machine-readable data elements to distinguish an item from all other like and unlike items. For items that are serialized within the enterprise identifier, the unique item identifier shall include the data elements of enterprise identifier and a unique serial number. For items that are serialized within the part, lot or batch number within the enterprise identifier, the unique item identifier shall include the data elements of enterprise identifier, the original part, lot or batch number, and the serial number.

a. Lot or Batch Number.  An identifying number assigned by the enterprise to a designated group of items, usually referred to as either a lot or a batch, all of which were manufactured under identical conditions.


In the following example, batch and lot could be interchangeable...

Batch number of medicine
06/09/2009 12:46PM  
Dear Pharmacist,
What is the batch number of medicine? What is the meaning of medicine with the same batch number and the medicine with different batch number?
A medication's batch number helps to track or identify the production specifications of a medication with respect to its strength, dosage form, expiration date, and all that must be known about a particular medication during its production.
Batch numbers help trace shipments of medications in case of a recall. Batch numbers may differ for the same drug, possibly if they were produced at a different location, or on a different date.


Ammunition Lot Number
An ammunition lot is a quantity of ammunition assembled from uniform components under similar conditions. A lot is expected to function in a uniform manner. Each ammunition lot is assigned a code number (ammunition lot number) that identifies all ammunition items assembled as part of that lot.



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  A batch number to my Brazilian thinking would be more appropriate used when talking

about a serial number (most of times a small one, as those in invoices).  that identifies a small set of itens, for logistic purposes (identifying data from one or more product in the group, in a quick way.    For storing sort etc).      Usually it must shall be finite, you may have a batch of 100 itens, 4 itens, 5,000 itens etc.   Whereas the Lot Number would follow a code sequence


One would issue a batch number to each grouping of itens



As for medicines, they are more known for being part of a lot, that in turn, would be made up of numbers and letters.   A batch would be (to me) a more easy way of being understood.



Pharmacists supplying these devices:
•  Do not supply needles with the lot number 08J02S.
•  Quarantine affected needles from your current stock and contact Novo Nordisk for replacements.
•  If a patient returns any Novofine needles with lot number 08J02S, supply the patient with a replacement
and contact Novo Nordisk for replacement stock.
Healthcare professionals managing patients who use these devices:
•  Do not supply needles with the lot number 08J02S.
•  Advise patients to return needles from lot number 08J02S to either their pharmacist or to Novo Nordisk.




Batch Number
The quality assurance batch number appears on a small white label (1/2" x 1¾") placed vertically on the back of each
8oz. Bottle, under the bottle sleeve on each 32oz. Bottle and on the imprinted Mousemilk label of each case. The batch
numbers are coded with the date of manufacture in the following format:
Batch # ABCDEF where:
A = batch number
BC = month of manufacture
DE = day of manufacture
F = year of manufacture
Example: 102211 is from batch #1 mixed on February 21,2001




Hope it helps.


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