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Autor:  Mister
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  11/OUT/2009 5:18 PM
Assunto:  to Pat and Dale and Mister



Yeah, I know! Just don't be over sensitive.


In your dealings with other cultures, you have to understand to swallow your pain or you can cry quite often when no one's looking. I don't know how old you are or if you are a ym or yw but understand that when you are outside your cultural you are a minority.


But I wouldn't really care too much if I were you. Is there money in it? No. Then why bother!?


BTW, it doesn't even has your name in it, like, your friends are never gonna know it is unless you tell them.


If has your name in it this it is really yours otherwise it is just there.


Please remember, people come and go, sometimes they think EOM (end of message) and they call it quits for that thread.


On web forums and particularly do not have the expectations that people will take sides for you because for the most part they won't.


I search for that expression "in the twinkle of an eye", meaning very quick or in a moment, in current news and I only could come up with a return from a piece of news from Ireland.


It was in the sports section of a local Irish paper talking about rugby.


But now go for twinkle in the eye, and you can come up with lots of American articles for very recent newspapers describing what for us would be "shiny eyes".


As for "this is what it is because I am telling you flat out that this is the way it is" almost like "because I said so" doesn't really turn it but this is why this is called a forum.


Please read the message on this web forum entrance


"As mensagens aqui postadas não traduzem necessariamente nossa opinião e são de inteira e exclusiva responsabilidade de seus autores. Toda e qualquer pessoa, física ou jurídica, que desejar prestar esclarecimentos, é bem-vinda em exercer seu direito de resposta."





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