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Autor:  Gus.
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/OUT/2009 2:18 PM
Assunto:  By foot?!
While reading the test below (it´s just an extract of it), I stumbled onto the expression "by foot" as you all can see. What do you think about this? Is it acceptable? I mean, grammatically correct nowadays? I always learned and bet you all did too - "on foot". I would love hearing your comments about this situation here.

"(CNN) — After scouring [procurar, vasculhar] northern Colorado by foot [a pé] and air, frantically [freneticamentechasing [procurando] a now-infamous Mylar [marca de película de poliester usada em embalangens e como isolante térmico] balloon for dozens [dúzias] of miles and interviewing his big brother [irmão mais velhoover and over [várias vezes], local and federal authorities ended their search for 6-year-old Falcon Heene where it began — at his house...."

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 By foot?!  –  Gus.  19/OUT/2009, 2:18 PM
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To Orlando.  –  dale-cr  19/OUT/2009, 7:35 PM
By foot.  –  Gus.  19/OUT/2009, 8:54 PM

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