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Autor:  Tiago T.
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  21/OUT/2009 10:52 PM
Assunto:  Like to do sth vs like doing sth
Mensagem:  The information you posted may be correct, but the distinction is not very clear to me either.

The sentences "I like singing in the shower" and "I like to sing in the shower" sound really similar to me. They both look OK.

I think the sentence "We like to wash up as soon as we finish eating" looks a bit weird. "We like to do the washing up" sounds better to my ears. On the other hand, "We like doing the washing up" looks possible, but a bit awkward. Maybe because of the two "ing" verbs in a row.

I think there is a difference. But perhaps the difference is something else... Or maybe I'm mistaken! Wouldn't be the first time anyway...

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