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Autor:  dale-cr
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  17/FEV/2010 7:20 PM
Assunto:  Internships.

Dear Dale, I am puzzled with the statement of not having internship in the US.


You are misquoting me.  I´ll be happy to translate into English what I wrote in Portuguese, if that is the problem.  LOL  Seriously, re-read what I wrote. 


Internships exist in the USA, however they are not nearly as common as they are in Brazil.   While living in the USA, I recall meeting ONE PERSON who working as an intern and I knew ONE TEACHER who responsible for interns.  Both internships were at the high school level, not university.  In Brazil, on the other hand, it was common to meet interns working with social workers (assistentes sociais), lawyers, bankers, etc.


As for our beloved Monica, was she a true intern?  The term is correct, but was she really working with politicians so that one day she would be a politician and lie and cheat with great skill?  I think not.  "Intern" is used a lot in the medical field.  They are interns in the true sense of the word because they have studied medicine and are now getting practical experience.

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