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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  24/FEV/2010 7:30 PM
Assunto:  Declaration x Statement

      They have almost the same meaning many times, tough it is not always this way. 
      In the Longman dictionary of Comtemporary English (Version printed in 2000), it reads the following (with slight adaption of mine): 

Declaration - In the third most used words in written English.  It´s worth noticing that it isn´t in the second or first thousand of most used words in English, but in the third one.   

    The dictionary doesn´t cite the spoken English as regard this word.

   Statement - It is in the second thousand most used spoken words, and in the first thousand most used written  words in English.



    What this means? that statement is more used than declaration in English, wether in written or spoken communication.
   Plus, statement is far more used in spoken English than both "statement" (written English) or ("declaration" written English).
   I hope I have been clear, but if any doubts about my last summing up persists, please drop a line.

something you say or write, especially publicly or officially, to let people know your intentions or opinions, or to record facts

declaration  [uncountable and countable]
1 an important official statement about a particular situation or plan, or the act of making this statement:
a ceasefire declaration
Under Islamic law it was possible to divorce by simple declaration.
declaration of   the declaration of war
2 an official or serious statement of what someone believes
declaration of  the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
declarations of undying love
3 a statement in which you officially give information about yourself: a declaration of taxable earnings

Definition: Statement
1. A message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc; "according to his statement he was in London on that day".
2. A fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true; "it was a strong argument that his hypothesis was true".
3. (music) the presentation of a musical theme; "the initial statement of the sonata".
4. A nonverbal message; "a Cadillac makes a statement about who you are"; "his tantrums are a statement of his need for attention".
5. The act of affirming or asserting or stating something.
6. (computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program.
7. A document showing credits and debits.

Synonyms within Context: Statement
Context Synonyms within Context (source: adapted from Roget's Thesaurus).   
Accounts Books, account book, ledger; day book, cash book, pass book; journal; debtor and creditor account, cash account, running account; account current; balance, balance sheet; compte rendu, account settled, acquit, assets, expenditure, liabilities, outstanding accounts; profit and loss account, profit and loss statement, receipts.   
Affirmation Noun: affirmance, affirmation; statement, allegation, assertion, predication, declaration, word, averment; confirmation.   
Answer Noun: answer, response, reply, replication, riposte, rejoinder, surrejoinder, rebutter, surrebutter, retort, repartee; rescript, rescription; antiphon, antiphony; acknowledgment; password; echo; counter statement.   
Description Unfold a tale; (disclose) ; tell; give an account of, render an account of; report, make a report, draw up a statement.   
 Noun: description, account, statement, report; expose; (disclosure) specification, particulars; state of facts, summary of facts; brief; (abstract); return; (record); catalogue raisonne; (list); guidebook; (information).   
Information Case, estimate, specification, report, advice, monition; news; return; (record); account; (description); statement; (affirmation).   
Untruth Invention, fabrication, fiction; fable, nursery tale; romance; (imagination); absurd story, untrue story, false story, trumped up story, trumped up statement; thing devised by the enemy; canard; shave, sell, hum, traveler;s tale, Canterbury tale, fairy tale, fake; claptrap. 




Definition: Declaration
1. Emphatic or explicit statement.
2. Unsworn statement in a legal transaction.
3. A formal expression by a meeting; agreed to by a vote.


Synonyms within Context: Declaration
Context Synonyms within Context (source: adapted from Roget's Thesaurus).   
Affirmation Noun: affirmance, affirmation; statement, allegation, assertion, predication, declaration, word, averment; confirmation.   
 Asseveration, adjuration, swearing, oath, affidavit; deposition; (record); avouchment; assurance; protest, protestation; profession; acknowledgment; (assent); legal pledge, pronouncement; solemn averment, solemn avowal, solemn declaration.   
Amusement Holiday; gala day, red letter day, play day; high days and holidays; high holiday, Bank holiday; May day, Derby day; Saint Monday, Easter Monday, Whit Monday; Bairam; wayz-goos, bean feast; Arbor Day, Declaration Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day; Mardi gras,mi-careme, feria, fiesta.   
Belief System of opinions, school, doctrine, articles, canons; article of faith, declaration of faith, profession of faith; tenets, credenda, creed; thirty-nine articles; (orthodoxy) a; catechism; assent; propaganda; (teaching).   
Discord Polemics; litigation; strife; (contention); warfare; outbreak, open rupture, declaration of war.   
Lawsuit Pleadings; declaration, bill, claim; proces verbal; bill of right, information, corpus delicti; affidavit, state of facts; answer, reply, replication, plea, demurrer, rebutter, rejoinder; surrebutter, surrejoinder.   
Theology Noun: theology (natural and revealed); theogony, theosophy; divinity; hagiology, hagiography; Caucasian mystery; monotheism; religion; religious persuasion, religious sect, religious denomination; creed; (belief); article of faith, declaration of faith, profession of faith, confession of faith. 

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