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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  12/SET/2010 3:42 AM
Assunto:  Inhomogeneity

Inhomogeneity        (sciencespeak)


I would say that there are some synonyms to this, such as:


scattering - dispersão

assymetry of pattern e.g.- assimetria em um padrão



discontinuity, irregularity, non-regularity, nonuniformity, lack of stability (also in pattern),
diversity, multiplicity, variety, diversify, lack of uniformity, randomness,
the "difuseness" of some property (like the scattered echo of trophosphere layers in
MU radars, wich indicates the nature of turbulence scattering at these heights).


The effect of internal structure (as a result of the humidity variation of the air) on the asymmetry coefficient and index of the scattering distribution (distribuição dispersa) of an ensemble of small hygroscopic and inhomogeneous particles is theoretically analyzed in the approximation of a polydisperse ensemble (of clarified, two-layer, and homogeneous spheres). Twenty-four fractions of aerosol particles of the boundary layer of a marine atmosphere are considered. It is shown that neglecting the radial inhomogeneity of the aerosol particles' structure can result in large errors (more than 50%) when estimating the asymmetry coefficient and can consequently cause large errors in calculations for the radiational and thermal regimes of the boundary layer of the atmosphere. © 2005 Optical Society of America



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Materials Modelling and Modal Analysis of the Lighthouse in the Venetian Harbour of Chania

1 Introduction
For the strength evaluation and the aseismic analysis of structures the modal analysis method is widely used. It combines the high capacity of the computational mechanics methods, which can be used for the structural analysis modelling, with the statistical nature of the earthquake loading (cf. Naeim, 1989; Eurocode No8, 1993).
The structural behaviour of the material and the conditions of the foundation in masonry structures is not known and must be estimated. This is due to the high inhomogeneity    of the structure [falta de uniformidade, homogeneidade/variedade da estrutura]     (for instance stones, mortar, interfaces, unknown faults etc.)

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