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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  14/SET/2010 10:14 PM
Assunto:  traducao

     "Escolher local e data para a realização da cerimônia, assinando o respectivo requerimento no Cartório, representá-lo também no dia da cerimônia perante o Juiz de paz no ato da celebração do casamento, apresentando a prova dos documentos exigidos pela lei civil; pagar custas e emolumentos; afirmar o propósito de casar por livre e espontânea vontade, assinar o respectivo termo de casamento, cumprir todas as formalidades necessárias para a celebração do seu matrimonio; enfim, tudo o mais praticar para o perfeito e cabal desempenho do presente mandato



      choose the place and the date where the civil ceremony will be performed/officiated/conducted/hold ("the cerimony will take place" is  more informal, but it depends on context...) signing the form for the marriage licence at the Registry Office.         Shall act as his personal representative at the cerimony day, before the Justice of (the) Peace/the Officiant (perhaps a Family Court will do?) with power to sign the marriage documents on his/my behalf; as well to pay the licence fee, provide/present the documental proofs and any necessary paperwork.



-I understand that you meant a marriage by proxy; lets say, of a guy from another country that is somewhat
absent of Brazil and wants to tie the knot with a Brazilian girl.  In Brazil, sometime proxy wedding was possible
today I am not so sure.  In the U.S. I think there´s no State that allow it; but I can be wrong.   In other words,
marriage in America is a little different of this of Brazil.  Let´s wait other participants of the Forum, then.

Proxy marriages are not legal.   (At least in Los Angeles)

    In the United States and English speaking countries the definition of "cartório" takes further discussion, it could
be, for instance: Court of Records, Notary Public Registry, Notary, Registry Office etc...  So I leave this part to Dale,
Teacher, Visitante and the law people. 

A civil ceremony contains no religious elements (except for what the couple may add) and can be performed in a judge's chambers, registrar's/lawyer's office or a venue of your choice, depending on the area in which you wish to get married in. Different laws apply to different states and countries and you can usually find out most of the information from the local court house or City Hall in the city where you wish to be married.
For a small fee, they should also be able to supply you with a list of names, addresses and phone numbers of
various officiants who can perform a civil ceremony.


What is a civil ceremony?
Civil ceremonies can take place in lots of different venues -- but how are they defined?
A civil wedding ceremony is basically a legally approved marriage ceremony that contains no religious aspects.
A civil ceremony is conducted by the superintendent registrar or deputy and can take place in a register office or a licensed venue after 8am and before 6pm, subject to staffing arrangements.
The registrar has to receive an ‘authority’ for your marriage to be able to proceed, which can only be obtained by giving a notice of marriage, which you must do at your local register office (or offices if you live in different areas) at least 15 days before the wedding. Read on and we tell you more about this later.
You will need to bring at least two other people to the ceremony who are prepared to witness the marriage and sign the marriage register


As with any marriage ceremony, you will need to have two witnesses to sign the legal documents once the ceremony is performed. If you are eloping, often times the officiant can provide the two witnesses from his/her staff.
All in all, a civil ceremony is much more flexible in today's world. You both may incorporate aspects of each of your religions if you wish, write your own vows and have any type of wedding theme you want, whereas a typical religious ceremony tends to restrict much of this. Civil ceremonies also tend to be a favorite with
the budget conscious couple, as they are usually much cheaper in the long run. Whatever type of ceremony you choose, the most important thing to remember is do what makes you happy as a couple. It's your wedding after all.

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