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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  19/SET/2010 11:41 PM
Assunto:  ficar
Mensagem:  Student, I've never found a good translation for "ficar". 

To hook up?  No, because "to hook up" merely means to meet.  You can hook up with friends and go eat pizza or study at the library.  The term does not imply anything romantic, of course.  It's just a meeting, by chance or by design.  Does that sound like "ficar"?  No. 

To make out?  This expression refers to kissing and petting.  It could be a one-time incident, or it could be on-going.  Does that sound like "ficar"?  I'd say "Yes and no." I heard it called "namorar" in Brazil.  (Obviously, "namorar" has many meanings, not just this one.)

To hang out?  This means to spend time with another person, not doing anything in particular.  You could hang out with your little sister, a co-worker, etc.  Nothing romantic is implied,of course.    Does that sound like "ficar"?  No. 

To have a one-night stand?  This refers to casual sex.  A couple meets, they have sex, and they probably never see one another again.  Does that sound like "ficar"?  No. 

I was very curious about "ficar", and I asked many people.  I got many different answers.  One woman (PR) told me that it could mean merely spending time with a member of the opposite sex, talking, flirting, etc.  Another woman (MG) said it was a one-time encounter that included kissing at the very least.  She added that her girl students hated it.  It does not seem to imply sexual relations.

I would love to hear how members of this forum define it.

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