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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  20/SET/2010 10:01 AM
Assunto:  ficar

  To me it´s a difficult thing to explain...but I will try give something close to "ficar":



  a) to date (I think that many times it would do, in certain contexts)

  b) no mine, but one good one; I think.,

ficar = namorar sem compromisso to go out with someone just for fun, to have an affair



   c) Other site (I lost the link but here it is...)

Still in Verbs, I wouldn’t use the translation "have an affair" for the terms ficar and namorar sem compromisso. Neither one of these terms necessarily imply the sexual connotation of "have an affair".Ficar is a term Brazilian teenagers use to describe inconsequent kissing and making out (possibly with many girls/boys on the same night) at clubs and parties, for example. Namorar is the Brazilian verb for having a boyfriend/girlfriend, and if it's "sem compromisso", that means dating that hasn't become steady enough to be committed and exclusive.



    Hmm, looks like we are closer to the meaning now.

    I would like to add that people that 'ficam', most of times have the "all is fish that comes to the net" attitude. But not always, it´s not a rule.

    Other way of thinking about this is the "summer" chance love people have, or the casual relationship at the Mardi Gras and at others  street parties and festivals.

    The terser definition, I leave to the natives and teachers. Mine is an participation then, almost an opinion.

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