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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  21/SET/2010 12:01 PM
Assunto:  Usando seu material

    Hi, Malu.

    I am a Brazilian guy living currently in Paraiba State and proud of having you a Brazilian

abroad. I am sure that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of Brazilians like you

(and me) that reach this site to improve their English.

     Your post reminded of a friend of us (mine and of my wife) that was/is born in Novo Hamburgo, which is a city conurbed with Sao Leopoldo (if my map is right, or is it an impression of mine? perhaps it is...)

      So, you are taking Introduction to Linguistics? then you are grad student?

      By the way, how is life in Hawaii? I heard that the cost of living in there is somehow high? maybe government help in some way...

      How do manage? I mean, studying Linguistics, and next, ESL being a Portuguese speaker, are you fluent? there are many foreign people around? Besides Brazilian ones (I suppose) there are Indians, Japanese, Chinese, somebody of some African country? and of some other Latin America country? Do you like the food? in general, what do you miss most?

      What about your project? how is it going? you have begun the work, are in mid of it or are near the end?  Where did you came from? I mean from wich University, the one of Vale dos Sinos?

       Ah, I am glad that you liked the site and the work of these amazing guys; I am just a learner but I have a thirsty for knowledge and I like to communicate and share some opinions and this is the place to do both. 

      I like to read novels, books, newspapers, I an bookworm of sorts.  I have just finished the novel "I Don´t Know How She Does It" by Allison Pearson (Anchor Books).  There are plenty of situations I could easily picture myself in, not like a housewife turned manager and juggling day-to-day and mundane situations that all of sudden get out of hand...I myself, with plenty in my plate, can picture them.

      But, soon I jumped to others reading "tasks", am reading "Out On a Limb" by Joan Hess and "Great Books" by David Denby (yup, both in parallel).

      In my leisure time I teach my children, helping them with the homework and do some work around the house...

       University studies? hmm, I dropped out some decades ago...such a pity, but I miss the friends and the environment itself, tough I am happy with the knowledge I got there. 

       Well, this goes in a way of introduction, sort of.  For the time being.

       Ah, excuse my bad English.   I am a begginer.




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