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Autor:  FOX FOX
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Data:  22/SET/2010 8:14 PM
Assunto:  to get the biggest get

Nunca vi tanto “get”junto: alguém poderia fazer algumas considerações? - traduzir? Para contextualizar, coloquei parte anterior da entrevista antes da pergunta se ela ainda continuava agressiva como sempre. It`s hard to get it.
LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight. The one and only Barbara Walters is here for her 20th and final visit to this show. She'll tell us how she bounced back from heart surgery, never missing a beat. And how she stayed at  the top of the broadcast news business for five decades. TV icon Barbara Walters for the hour is next on LARRY KING LIVE.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
KING: Has the surgery changed you?
WALTERS: Could have, should have, would have? I'm very big on could have, should have, would have. But I'm getting much better. I don't do that as much anymore. No, I mean, I've got -- I'm fortunately in very good health. And I'm so blessed to have the life I have that I'm trying very hard to just enjoy it.
KING: Has the surgery changed you?
WALTERS: I'm not sure, but I did say I'm not going to go to the big parties I don't want to go to. I'm not going to go to Shakespeare, whom I don't really like, plays of Shakespeare. Sorry. I'm not going to do the things that I think I should because I should show up and I should be seen. I'm going to just do things that give me great pleasure like tonight.
KING: Thank you. Are you still as aggressive as ever?
WALTERS: No, I think -- no, because on "The View" we don't have to get the biggest get. And on my specials, the "Ten Most Fascinating People" can be all kinds of people. I like to do the special on the open heart surgery and then I have another big interview -- that is a big get -- coming up. But no, I'm not in there every day making the phone calls.

KING: Did you do the big get already?

WALTERS: No, I have not done the big get already.

KING: Do you get -- do you get more up for the big get?

WALTERS: I want it to be -- I want it to be -- if you're going to get a get, you better get a good get and you better get along --

KING: Get the get and get it.

WALTERS: And get a good show.

KING: Are you more up for them, though?

WALTERS: It's not that I'm more up or not.

KING: You always want to do a good show.

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