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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/SET/2010 10:56 PM
Assunto:  to get the biggest get

   Get the get and get it...

   (conseguir a chance/a matéria da vida de um jornalista e entender que ela é a tal, acho que é assim...)  



    Ha ha ha, Larry´s an intelligent guy, perhaps he got so "at home'', talking to a fellow journalist that he certainly got so laidback, or perhaps he was in ironic mode?

    I agree, the dialogue is overloaded with GETS.  But then, it´s an interview, so talking impromptu is a little bit different from in writting dialogue. Hence the GET getting in their way.  


= = = = = =

When you break a story or secure that elusive interview, it's called a "Big Get" in the world of journalism.



...Of course, it can be difficult for a reporter to ask the best questions immediately when a story falls into one’s lap, especially when the reporter realizes that the police are on the way.
    Newberg’s soft questions didn’t lead to any enlightening answers. Some of his questions actually were as much statements as questions. “You said you didn’t do it? Do you know who did?” “Did you see anyone get hit?” “This has torn apart (the community) How do you view that?”
    It would have been better if Newberg hadn’t worried so much about McCray’s feelings about what the crime had done to the community and asked him more direct questions that undoubtedly were on the minds of some viewers.

    Newberg really didn’t take full advantage of his big get. His questions to the suspect were so soft that they didn’t lead to much content.

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