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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  27/SET/2010 4:33 PM
Assunto:  Translation

"Brazil's education challenge in bid to be world player"


Something like "O desafio da Educação do Brasil na tentaviva/na busca de/para ter um (importante) papel mundial."



This can be seen by some parts from the item, I chose the following: 


Skilled workers
"Brazilian workers have an average of seven years of basic schooling compared with 11 in South Korea, 12 years in the US and up to 13 years in parts of Europe.
"And they go to good schools while Brazilians go to bad schools," says Prof Pastore.

But Brazilian businesses say their need for skilled workers is immediate and a lack of trained staff is undermining the country's potential. "



- - - - - --

   Even the good schools Mr. Pastore talk about, aren´t that big deal, for Brazilian culture get in the way.  Many a student go to them and when they get home they

leave their books and notebooks gathering dust.   

    At the same time they parents "think"  they (students) are really studying (school take after then, like nannies...we know that things doesn´t happen this way).

    When the year ends, some of them fail but they always have a "reinforcement'' (a teacher that is paid to give them extra classes, in the end the guys have to pass at last...)

    Not every one of them, let´s not make generalizate, but when we see the papers like JB (of today) showing a entrance exam to police (soldier) with almost 70.000 applicants and a big part of them being graduates...this have to speak something, or speak volumes!

    How about politics? Romario (soccer player and alimony dodger), Watermelon girl (mulher melancia), Tiririca (a clown turned comic, his motto is "do jeito que tá pior não fica vote em Tiririca", Popó and Maguila (box fighters), Kiko and Leandro (KLB band singers) all of them trying their luck.

    Not that I am against; but people will vote not in the politician in them, but in the celebrity, in the face, in the butts.

    Well, this maybe speaks something about the state of education in Brazil today...

    Criticism aside, the papers out there have their interests as well, and it´s worth noticing that Mr. Pastore was from the stablishment, from the Government (a high brass in there, not a small fish).  In his time Brazil didn´t do that well...

    The BBC feature points out that The United States (and other countries) spend lots of money in education (comparing with our spending).

    I have to say that, even if our country spent this much, it would be spent without worry about the end result (just like the rich that put their children in school and think that it will act "nanny").

    We will get there, other countries have crossed this bridge before (America and European countries, for example), but let´s not pretend we are the top already. 

   On the other hand, we have been succesful in plenty of ways, let´s not rest in these laurels.


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