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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  28/OUT/2010 3:27 PM
Assunto:  H => aitch or [h]aitch?
Mensagem:  I had a niece (American, of course) tell me that she had not been appraised in years.  It a while for me to realize she meant "praised".  (Appraised = judged for performance, evaluated for worth, etc.  Praised = applauded, commended, etc.)

For years I pronounced the "H" in "herb".  The "H" is not pronounced in "herb", but it is in "Herb" (a first name).  As a teen, for some reason I could not pronounce "fish" without sounding German.

I spent 30 years of my life working around criminals.  Sometimes I still say "PO-lice" instead of "po-LICE" (police), and the same happens with "HER0-in" instead of "hero-IN" (heroin).  Both mispronunciations come from Ebonics.

The word "pull" in Spanish is "jale".  The "J" has the sound of "RR" in Portuguese.  So....why do signs all over Latin American read "hale"?  (The "H" in Spanish is silent.  Before you tell me about "CH", remember that in Spanish "CH" is considered one letter, not two.)


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