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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  03/DEZ/2010 5:02 PM
Assunto:  Causa própria

   Depends on context, but here are some possible ways to say that:


 If a politician is working more in his interest than in the public´sEle está legislando em causa própria.



 If there´s a conflict of interest between anyone acting solely in his own interest.




Anyone listed in this section has the right to approach a competent court, alleging that a right in the Bill of Rights has been infringed or threatened, and the court may grant appropriate relief, including a declaration of rights. The persons who may approach a court are -
(a) anyone acting in their own interest;
(b) anyone acting on behalf of another person who cannot act in their own name;
(c) anyone acting as a member of, or in the interest of, a group or class of persons;
(d) anyone acting in the public interest;
(e) an association acting in the interest of its members.

qualquer pessoa, em (a),(b),(c),(d) e (e) está provavelmente legislando em causa própria.




  Anyone drafting, initiating, and enacting laws and amendments not in the best interest of the community.


  (Anyone) making laws wich benefit his/her own interest than considering the needs of a society as whole.


 Crafting legislation favoring special interests in conflit with the interest of public.  (the special interest usually is that of any given group, class etc)


 Making laws not considering the greater good of the society.


 Making laws that don´t serve the public´s  interest.




As John Adams warned, "A single assembly, possessed of all the powers of government, would make arbitrary laws for their own interest, execute all laws arbitrarily for their own interest, and adjudge all controversies in their own favor." Adams clearly anticipated something like the Clinton presidency. What he did not anticipate was the perverse reluctance of Congress to defend its prerogatives.


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