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Autor:  Fox Fox
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Data:  09/DEZ/2010 2:55 PM
Assunto:  Compromise ?

I`m so confused!  Does it mean “quebra de braço?” It`s appeared a lot on the media. Thanks a lot  for your comments.

For the second day in a row, the Vice President Joe Biden was on Capitol Hill where he got an earful from Democratic lawmakers who are so angry over the deal to extend tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. At the same time, the president's senior economic adviser gave a dire warning. Larry Summers says failure to pass the plan would significantly increase the risk of a double-dip recession. I talked about the controversial compromise  and more with one of the new breed of Republicans who will be joining Congress next month, Rand Paul, the senator-elect from Kentucky.


BLITZER: And joining us now from Bowling Green, Kentucky, the senator-elect from Kentucky, Rand Paul. Senator-elect, thanks very much for coming  in.

SEN.-ELECT RAND PAUL (R), KENTUCKY: Good to be with you.


BLITZER: I know you can't vote during this lame duck session, you won't be a United States senator yet, but what do you think? Do you support this compromise  that President Obama has worked out with the Republican leadership on extending the Bush-era tax cuts?


BLITZER: This compromise the president worked out with the Republicans, he's deeply angered many of his liberal Democrats, the base of his party. What does this compromise, to you, say about President Obama?


PAUL: Well, I actually think that President Obama is going to turn out to be fairly pragmatic with the new Republican Congress. I think they want to get it through now because they think the more compromise they'll get with more Democrats in the House and more Democrats in the Senate will be better for them, but I think it does show --


BLITZER: You mean more Republicans?


PAUL: Yes, right. There'll be more Republicans in January, but right now, there are more Democrats, and I think the president sees this as the time to have the compromise. But I think the president will turn out to be someone who may, you know, take Bill Clinton as his model. And after 1994, Bill Clinton did work with the Republicans. We got welfare reform. We actually got more fiscally responsible government. And I really have always said, and people have given me a hard time for this, but I think divided government sometimes works better because there's more debate, there's more discussion, and maybe will have more of the difficult decisions on cutting spending. But when I get there, I'm going to propose a bill that will have $500 billion for the spending cuts because you have to start doing it and nobody has been willing to do it. No one is brave enough to put the spending cuts on the line. We're going to lay out $500 billion worth of spending cuts in January and see if anyone is brave enough to say, yes, let's go ahead and do it.

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