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Autor:  Miguel
E-mail:  miguelsilva_25_@hotmail.com
Data:  12/JAN/2011 2:57 AM
Assunto:  upon + on

Hi, I participated of a selection process to teacher english, and I had doubt about this folowing questions:


  How much time should be spent teaching culture? In
this author’s opinion, the answer to that question depends on
the teacher and the students in the class 


1. The verb “depends” (L.23) can also be collocated with
A of.
B upon.
C with.
D for.


2.It almost goes without saying that the native language
of every learner is an extremely significant factor in the
learning of a new language. Most of the time, we think of the
4 native language as exercising an interfering effect on the target
language, and indeed the most salient, observable effect does
appear to be one of interference. The majority of learners’
7 errors in producing the second language, especially in the
beginning levels, stem from the learner’s assumption that the
target language operates like the native language.
10 But what we observe may, like an iceberg, only be
part of the reality. The facilitating effects of the native
language are surely as powerful in the process, or more so,
13 even though they are less observable. When the native French
speaker who is learning English says, “I’ m here since
January”, there is one salient native language effect, a verb
16 tense error stemming from French. But who is to say that the
learner’s native French did not facilitate the production of that
sentence’s subject-verb-complement word order, the placement
19 of the locative (here), the one-to-one grammatical
correspondence of every word in the sentence, rules governing
prepositional phrases, and the cognate word (January)?
22 In dealing with the native language effect in the
classroom, interference will most often be the focus of your
feedback in the classroom. That’s perfectly sound pedagogy.
25 Learners’ errors stand out like the tips of icebergs giving us
salient signals of an underlying system at work.


2. Based on the text, judge the items below.

A Most foreign language learners make unusual mistakes.
B Second language interference can be particularly found at the
    beginner’s level.
C French and English are structurally different.
D Icebergs give you tips on how to teach a foreign language.

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