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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  28/JUN/2011 11:09 PM
Assunto:  My part of the deal..

     I think we are in the same book, but in different page here.  But gradually getting there.

      The detail is you focused into the (key) word "deal"; I myself tought this and gave the example of a credit card, at the very beggining.

   I changed my mind when I reread and saw the word "structure", it made me think of a hotel for example.  I agree that a better word would be a transaction,  a financial transaction involving money and the services at the hotel.  Since, a transaction can be a service rendered now and paid afterwards.



    "If you were trying to write about something you have to pay rather than receive in a deal, in a situation where you agreed to cover a portion of the expenses, would you use the structure

"my part of the deal" to refer to it? "



     In the same above reasoning, the services I tought could be a basic service offered when the guest made his/her check in at the front desk.    For example, the basic services paid in advance would be TV, the room itself, ar-conditioning and radio (a "no-frills" version).   Later on, if the guest decided to use the swimming pool/meals etc he would be charged for that (extra) service.




     "My part of the deal", I don´t know for sure, but I think Infojunkie meant he asked for a definition, or a description of his role in the process; or the process itself.  But the "deal" word was the noise in the communication.


     Thanks for the comment and, again, the ball is in your court.

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