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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  29/JUN/2011 1:51 AM
Assunto:  PPaulo

     I had spared you from story about the burst tyre when coming to a city named Afonso Bezerra.   Right on arriving there was debris on the right side of the road (maintenance they say).      Only two cars could pass in it, there was a a pebble (or more aptly describing a rock) insisted in getting in my way tough I veered from it (but miscalculated the angle), boom! the characteristic loud popping noise,  luckily I had slowed the speed.  

      We had it replaced in the spot, with some delay.  Okay, I confess the spare tyre was not calibrated! it had to be sent away for refilling the air in it.

      We decided to stay; next day the tyre pressure was...zero! it was flat as a pancake, we found a garage where it was fixed, it had some little punctures or holes, it had to be sealed with a gel-like thingun.      I left the kids there having fun in a farm and went out for a white-knuckle driving along the BR-263, with the hair-raising 31 km experience to Angicos to get a replacement to the spare tyre, to no avail.    

      Then we hauled ass to Assu (far from Angicos 40 km) where we discovered it was the Patron Saint´s day, we got back empty-handed (or empty-tyred).   All shops closed.

      Well, I got used to the idea, wound up getting back all the way home on the spare one.

       However, it will get back to his original (spare part) function the soonest, I hope.

      At least, I will have a helluva thrill ride story to tell to my grandchildren one day!

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