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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  07/JUL/2011 6:37 PM
Assunto:  In plain sight.
Mensagem:  It is like Dr. Mengele who was in the Buenos Aires telephone book for years.  He was certainly "hiding in plain sight".

There is a story about a Mexican who crossed on a bicycle the border into the USA every day for more than thirty years.  They knew he was smuggling something.  What?  Eventually, he retired.  US Customs promised not to prosecute him but it wanted to know what he had been smuggling for three decades.  He confessed he had been smuggling bicycles. 

I knew a Mexican around 1973-1974 who smuggled carpets into Mexico from the USA.  He did it by nailing the carpets to the roof of his pickup camper.  While Mexican agents were looking inside, his commodity was outside.  And it was all in plain sight. 

In 1969 I crossed from Nicaragua into Costa Rica by bus.  A passenger was smuggling baby chickens.  How?  In a box.  The customs agents never got on board and the chickens never made a sound.  They were in plain sight, but nobody looked for them.

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