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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  07/SET/2011 1:30 AM
Assunto:  The movie(s).

     Yep, you saw the sentence  "Maybe we'll go to a movie. " (initiated by capital M.) 

     Now let´s split your question into two questions.

     First, it´s a fixed expression "go to the movies" in the Longman in print form  is the same as "go to watch a movie at the cinema"

    What means the same as the GO TO A MOVIE



          go to a movie (theater)/the movies ------>>

 go to the cinema; go to the flicks/pictures [colloq.]


         Meaning, in that case that is the movie theater.




       Second, sometimes they say movie theater (AmE) - cinema (BrE),  you know that Americans are the masters of shortening, hence they may abbreviate just to theater  in that sense (entry 5 of Longman - print edition - "Place to see a film.")


     Entry #1    Theater [C] is a building or place with a stage where plays are performed.

     Entry #2    Theater [U] Plays as a form of entertainment (also, the theatre ),   and another  definition is the work of acting, writting or organizing plays.


    Entries #3 and #4 are not in our given context right now. 

    Worth noticing that every time we used the word "theater" is the AmE, the BrE would be "theatre".


     All that definition taken from Longman.

     And how to distinguish? by taking context, or seeing where the person is pointing out or looking the name if it in the ticket, if in real life.


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