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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  11/SET/2011 10:40 PM
Assunto:  Texto para correção

       1) Os aspectos ambientais estão sendo identificados nas atividades, produtos e serviços novos ou modificados?       

      "Are the environmental aspects being identified in new or modified activities, products, and services?"         Sounds okay to me. 




    2) E os documentos estão sendo atualizados? 
    "And are the documents being corrected in time?"    Okay too, but it´s my opinion here, let´s wait confirmation; if nobody proves otherwise we are in the right path. 





    Other suggestions to 2)  (I am thinking of one account auditing, or invetory right now, but I think they can be use in many a contexts):


    And are the data (information/and facts) being properly recorded in time? etc...
    All the sales and invoices are entered into the books?

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