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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  03/OUT/2011 9:40 PM
Assunto:  To burn some clock.

    Hi there guys!

    It seems like "to kill the time in a way it seems, or wasting the remaining time you have'.

    In sports, the strategy can backfire if the opponent team can get the ball and outsmart (outplay) your defenses and score.  The concept comes mainly from basketball and football, but it is spreading to soccer and others sports.

    If your team is losing you can burn the clockplay not to widen the adversary scores, and if your team is winning you could burn to keep your score and not letting the other

team to tie.



     It seems like the lawyers have borrowed the concept in a slight different way, that is,

they charge by the hour (say, some Dollars an hour), not for comission.  So, burning the clock would be to "use" the time without significant work (without letting the customer know, obviously).






     In basketball, managing the shot clock and the game clock requires a lot of strategy and can mean the difference between winning and losing late in the game. Burning the clock refers to a strategy used by basketball teams in which the team ahead in points will play very conservatively so as to defend its lead--as opposed to trying to make the lead bigger. This involves keeping the ball in play for a majority of the time allotted by the shot clock and taking a shot when only a few seconds remain.


     It sounds familiar to you Gus? our soccer teams use this kind of strategy sometimes...







    There's no question all of their products are overpriced, but let's face it, it's the most convenient means to buy electronics. Good luck trying to get someone to help you with something. They pay by the hour and not commission so most of the employees hide in the bathroom hoping to burn some clock.





1:50 -- Central Catholic with a corner kick, and they're going to burn some clock... One minute to go and the Timberwolves are desperate... Tualatin will get a corner kick, and it's off the side of his foot... The ball is cleared with 10 seconds to go, and that's it. Central Catholic will play Grant in the 6A Finals on Saturday. Central Catholic , Tualatin 0.

4:09 -- Tualatin with two quality crosses from both sides, the last going just over. Scott Senger gets his head on the bender right in front of the goal, and he puts it just over. That's as close as you can get... Gabe Tatz gets a yellow card for the contact just outside the box.

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