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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/OUT/2011 7:15 PM
Assunto:  Código de barras.

     "BUT....are these kinds of ATMs available outside Brazil?  I just returned home from the USA and Mexico, and I didn't see any.  They do not have them here in Costa Rica.  Are you talking about something unique to Brazil?"



     I don´t know for certain, Dale, I never ever been abroad...

     From my forays in the Web I think in Costa Rica/Guatemala/Honduras they don´t have such feature, but they have a kind of especial ATM (ATM FULL - pago de servicios), in wich they can pay telephone, water and eletricity bills only.



     Back here we can pay most of bills, there are a very few exceptions.




     Today many might even generate the bill and his bar code on cell phone as a memory aid or even to pay (some banks allow that) :




   Like I said, this feature is widespread in our bank system, most banks market this in

their sites.

>>>Pagar contas com código de barras (débito direto da conta sem uso de envelopes);




      Here the idea of ATM full (as in Costa Rica) here is used in lottery retailers countrers, it works this way:

   -If you get a bill or invoice wich the nearest ATM don´t accept or you the lottery retailer is in front of your house (the ATM is not), so you have the bar code and the numbers the numbers under they are numerical equivalent (deciphered of sorts to numerical digits then).

     The human teller will type them into a reader machine and will complete the transaction, as if he was doing it into the ATM FULL.   But this is less interactive than

going to an ATM, it can be done by any person whereas in the ATM you have to be a bank card holder.






    There are others ways too, for example, credit card companies may send the bill pdf-ed  attached in a mail your inbox. Or you can generate it on-line, again in pdf format, you print it and go to the ATM and pass the bar code under the optical reader and process, after wich the machine will dispense a tiny payment receipt stating that you paid such value in due date.




     In the US it may or may not have this system and machines, I don´t know.  Anyway sometimes they don´t copy our ways, like the electoral system.

    All that for security reasons, maybe they are right, with so many technology-educated people around!  Anyway, amazes me if they don´t have this kind of operation!




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