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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/OUT/2011 11:20 PM
Assunto:  Re: Loose translation of mine...

    1-fusíveis do circuito auxiliar (20 amperes) queimados, os mesmos estavam com jamper (sic)

     In the diagram (fuses A, B and C blown, ...
     [Two, three...]Blown 20 Amp. fuses of the auxiliar/branch circuit circuit, they were with jumper (?)]    Couldn´t they be in the jumper? or used with a jumper?


     Also:     (In the diagram)  Fuses A, B and C blown, ...



    2- medir resistência do motor eletrico(megar)
    (To) measure the eletrical resistence of the motor/the motor eletrical resistence with a megohmmeter.


      3- confeccionar surge-line/spike line... (supressor? protector? )
      To make an anti-surge controller/surge protector.
      To make a surge protective device (SPD).
      To make a surge suppression device.


     Note 1-   Obviously you can make/cause a short circuit and doing that it causes a spike/surge of energy/current overload etc. but I don´t see why one would want to do it.  And your question would most likely be about suppressing it/protecting against it.


     Note 2-  I am assuming you are talking about eletricity, albeit the term "surge line" is used to air compressors, and there are supressors/proctetives devices against surges as well.  Only that I assumed, at first, that  we were talking about the eletrical one.




     It worth noticing I am a layman. If  some electrician/engineer or another people more educated in eletricity than I want to give specifics on the subject, or make some improvement in the comment, please feel free to do it.




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