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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/OUT/2011 9:16 AM
Assunto:  Por favor: O que ela falou?

   Hi there, Tardellli.  My comments again.  Tough my ear to British English sucks!

   I like their accent, but I far from good in listening them, I must admit.



1 - 0:22 Estamos em Londres just off Brikley ?
    I would say she said something "south Brickley"
    Brickey lane is somewhat halfway from both King´s Lynn and Huntstanton, if you zoom Google map more, you can see it is also very close to Ingoldstorp (seems like a county or district).



3 - Vines of death? Vineyards of death?
     She explains about the wall behind, that is the vines of the death. It´s a clip in wich they will have kinda gothic motif like the ones of th singer Evanescence.  Certainly those vines will do something nasty to the human(s) in the clip.

     You can see the vines in the wall, behind.


4 - A tecladista falando: 1:42 - 1:44 - ??? these keybords
     Yeah, it (the ???  ) got somehow muffled because she was away from the mic direction, I couldn´t make it out.

6 - um dos músicos falando: 2:48 - 2:54
      I agree with you, the guy has not the best dictions of the world, or it is me?




7 - e no final entendi que a tecladista está falando do diretor e de seu estilo, isso está correto? De 3:13 - 3:27? Ela parece falar que o diretor tem um estilo marcante e desafiador presente em seu trabalho e que ele é um diretor confiável - foi isso mesmo? e no final a outra fala algo com will be the case?


     Yeah, she says is in the interview and the middle of the sentence, the other guys giggle cutting the phrase, but she doesn´t forget what she was going to say and

complete the phrase, that would finish with "will be the case."



       There is a message board I found the other day, there people put the youtube streams people listen and say what they listened, it is similar to wich you did now, only that is not a link, people put the clip directly in the site. And people are very

effective, there are very few cases in wich people can´t transcript an interview or some movie lines, but then even many natives won´t.

        I´ll try, but I have much on my hands, and I am about to travel on Monday, don´t know if am able to locate the link (in my billions of bookmarked sites!) but I will try!

       Congratulations on your interest in English, keep up the good work.    ;-)

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