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Autor:  Fox Fox
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/OUT/2011 9:45 AM
Assunto:  Sofa

I`d like to know the meaning in this context. Thanks for any help.

BLITZER: It's nearly nine years, all U.S. troops in Iraq had that immunity. But now the prime minister of Iraq based on -- he says you won't get it anymore if you want to keep troops there.

MARKS: I can't believe for a minute that the president of the United States thought this was a good outcome. I truly can't.


BLITZER: Thought what was a good outcome?


MARKS: That the United States has to completely withdraw because we couldn't get a SOFA, of course, we need to have a SOFA agreement in order for soldiers to be there. But if we could have achieved a SOFA, I guarantee you we would have had a presence on the ground in Iraq, which needed to be there. Of some size to allow the Iraqis continued help so they could grow their military. You know, Wolf, it takes about eight to ten years to grow a non- commissioned officer. That is the back bone of every military. They, the Iraqis are not there yet. They need some more time.

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