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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/OUT/2011 11:21 AM
Assunto:  Pick up sb on sth.

   It was out of haste, I am about to travel for a week or so, such a pity!  



   In fact, I intended "pick up somebody on something" but I might mixed things when I saw the definition:    

definition #2
pick up on something (spoken)
1. to notice something The evidence was there - I just didn't pick up on it.
2. to continue talking about something previously said Just to pick up on what Haley asked, I think the president clearly did get the message.




  Obviously I intended the one of Longman Comtemporary Dictionary (in press, not the online version)

  Pick up sb up on sth - to criticize someone slightly for something they have said: The Senator picked him up on his use of the word "deception".



Examples of mine

Fox, Tea Party Blogs, Pick Up on Phony “Good Wife” Slur: Newsbusters Unresponsive After Context Proves their Charge False

(Fox, blogs do "Tea Party", critica/rebate a declaração injusta da "esposa boazinha/boa esposa"...)



“If you know something negative about someone, they are a threat,” he said. “Your image of the person is tarnished, and you want to pick up on their activity to see if they confirm the rumors.”



The only reason John Key said the Government wasn't taking control of this catastrophe was because Maritime NZ was very capable and had lots of expertise so it wasn't necessary for them to take over from the experts. Now, if you watch 2 mins into this video he says that Maritime NZ "don't have the best experts in the world. They have their own small group of people....who wouldn't be the most up to date with ability and capability". Please, John Campbell, pick him up on this. This episode is being very poorly managed.


Meaning, please John Campbel criticize John Key on this comment of his, don´t let it pass...






    Not so long ago Snoop Dogg was denied entry to Britain after he threw a tantrum in Heathrow airport that left seven policemen injured. Snoop Dogg was appalled by this refusal and said at the time:
    "I can't control my drugs and gang-banging past. People can see that I now have a different identity and that I've changed my lifestyle around completely. We let the Beatles in the USA so please let me in here."
    While we'll happily give full credit to Snoop Dogg for apparently curbing his unfortunate gang-banging affliction, we might have to pick him up on the whole 'turning his lifestyle around completely' bit. Because Snoop Dogg, well, hasn't. As well as being banned from Britain, Snoop Dogg was recently arrested in Sweden for drug offences, arrested and charged with trying to take a giant beating stick onto a plane, arrested for having a car full of drugs and guns and arrested for having a car full of drugs and guns again.
    And it's those last two arrests – both in Burbank, both within a month of each other – that Snoop Dogg must be most worried about at the moment, since they're the ones he's just been charged with. E! Online reports:
    If convicted on the felony counts, Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, is facing up to four years in prison. The felon-in-possession-of-a-firearm caveat comes from Snoop's conviction in 1990 for cocaine possession and a 1993 guilty plea for illegal gun possession. So, technically, any possession of a firearm on his part would be illegal possession.
    Today Snoop Dogg will be arraigned at Pasadena Superior court for the charges and, as we've said, he faces a four-year jail sentence of he's found guilty, effectively meaning that they're be no Snoop Dogg until 2011. That's left us worried – sure, having the charges dropped would mean that people driving around with a gun in their cars would be legally acceptable; but if Snoop Dogg goes to prison, who'll be left to shout the word "motherfucker" repeatedly during a teatime appearance on a television show?



   ...then she says that draftsmen don't think about steps or other variation to the standard when drafting and it is up to the site engineer to add something or not. Such a cop-out. So just because something is on the plan doesn't mean we'll get it if the engineer thinks otherwise. Awesome that they don't even tell us. So they've obviously made no provision for a door on the other side and weren't going to tell us we'd lost our major storage area in the house.

       I guess this is why we don't have direct access to our site supervisor. If we can't get access to the site or ask him questions he can pretty much do as he likes and we can't pick him up on any mistakes. ridiculous.

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