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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  30/OUT/2011 7:03 PM
Assunto:  que mole!!

  My hunches (feel free to make improvements):  


  What a foolish thing to do!

  What a foolish thing (you have made)!

  I can´t believe you did that!

  I can´t believe that you just said that!

  I can´t believe that! how could you have said that to him!

  I can´t believe you did a silly mistake like this!

  I can´t believe you just said/did that!

  I don´t believe you (just) did/said  that/this...

  Big mistake, you having said that...

  Hmm, I am not so sure if you did the right thing by saying this/that...

  What a slip up! you were wrong on this subject...et cetera.



-------------------------- ----------------------


  Other types of "vacilos/moles" in the sense of:

  dar bandeira, vacilar, trocar as bolas, pegar o bonde errado, dar uma cabeçada, dar um fora, dar uma furada, dar um furo, fazer/cometer uma gafe, dar uma mancada, meter o(s) pé(s) pelas mãos, dar uma rata, trocar, as bolas, dar uma vacilada, bobear, errar, não perceber, estragar (tudo), tropeçar nas próprias palavras



   It could go with HE/SHE/THEY etc  --->

   He made a mistake/he made a slip up/he slipped up/he made a gaffe/he made a silly mistake/he made a simple mistake that made him feel foolish/he made an error//he messed up (everything)/he blundered/he made a blunder (in speaking about/in his comment about etc) he made a fool of himself/he goofed (up)/he made a misstep.




      Further related readings:





    Nikki Giovanni: "Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts."


    "The man who has never made a fool of himself in love will never be wise in love"
Theodor Reik quotes (American Psychoanalyst and Author, 1888-1969)





     I would say, the man who has never made a fool of himself in learning, never will be wise in learning! let´s not be afraid of making mistakes, but let´s learn from them and with them, wether they are ours or not.

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