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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  31/OUT/2011 10:03 PM
Assunto:  Dar mole.

   You are right, in this sense, Dale.


  Sou sociável. Não estou te dando mole.   It´s something like:

  - I am very sociable with every person that crosses my way, I am not interested in making a tryst with you.


  - I am very sociable, but it´s just this, I am not attracted to you.


  - I am very sociable, easygoing and carefree, it´s not that I want to date you/accept your advances.

  - Okay, I am very sociable, this doesn´t mean I am keen to date you/to go out with you.

  -  I am not easy, only very sociable.

  - I like to make friends and having fun, dancing etc, I am not seeking a casual xxx.

  -  I am so sociable that I might have hinted something wrong, that I am looking for a one night stand.

  -  Whoa! I want you know I am your real friend, but no strings attached!

  - Please, don´t push, we really hit it off, but this isn´t going further than that, let´s only have fun.

  - I am just sociable, don´t assume I am (that) easy.





    Dar mole  have also others senses as well, for example, if someone was unable to see or missed an opportunity, a job, a chance of a lifetime, a good deal etc... 

    It is not the above case, only a comment related to the subject.




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