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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  02/NOV/2011 12:55 AM
Assunto:  Now to Deivis: about a past message

     You are welcome, it´s nice having you around indeed.

      In fact, I have the feeling that many others non-active colaboration as well, and at the right time.  When something drawns their attention, they come and have their say or ask for further clarifications. It´s natural.

      I am glad that the "dug out" conjured those good memories of the time you lived the life of Riley, it seems like the nostalgy we have when we were kids (just play and play and no many strings attached...), but everything in life have phases.

     One upside of this: maybe it was the time you found the EMB, who knows! along with your improvement in English (by trainning some)

     Truth is, you could have worked a bit more and secured your position, huh? hehe, but ces´t la vie, it´s no use crying over the spilt milk or any other liquid. And they say, always there will be another opportunity coming...

     Don´t be so hard on yourself about not activelly dropping by, we all have some bumpy path and hectic times, along with demanding schedules every now and then.


    As for your saying: "Once you are shown the path to gold, you will always come back for more...  I haven´t  seen it before; yet, if they didn´t say they should to, he he.

    Well, it is creative and the only fault in it is that I myself didn´t have had the idea of creating it before.    ;-)

    And feel free to post any question, if and when they come up, anytime.




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