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Autor:  Deivis
E-mail:  deivis_fsilva@yahoo.com.br
Data:  04/NOV/2011 3:54 AM
Assunto:  What's going on?
Mensagem:  That question reminded me of those times I'd go out telling the world about this forum, of how amazing it is and how knowledgeable and helpful the participants of it are. You guys should have an idea how thrilled and enthusiastic I was to have fortunately crossed path with the likes of Dale, Marcio, Roberto, PPaulo and many more English language pundits... 
I used to be pretty much hooked to it all day long, starting threads, asking and answering questions, debating, anyways... wouldn't hit the sack without my fix if you will lol... Time went by thou, and as I had to devote time to other stuff... had bigger fishes to fry as they say lol, I kinda put my English passion on the back burner for a while, which unfortunately kept my visits to a minimum. I will never forget how significant and crucial all the participants of this forum have been to the development of my English knowledge and personality. Currently it might not be as busy and hectic as it used to be back in the day but it will certainly never die as people will always swing by. I have to say even though I'm a far cry from being a "Dale Thomas" or a "PPaulo" I do take pride in being part of the history of this forum, mind you lol. Hopefully a myriad more EFL students can benefit from it forever and ever and ever... till the end of times lol.

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