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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  05/NOV/2011 12:26 AM
Assunto:  To Orlando and EMB buddies.


     Thank you Orlando, and others for being so patient and understanding.  I know that it will take a while to master the minutes of language (I am not in haste anyway) someday I may get there!   Yet, I do am trying hard, altough in my own pace.

     I am open to both, the criticism (and corrections if any) and the praise, all of them are important in life. 

     Kudos to the site and to you that share nicely your knowledge, experiences and impressions.

     Reading the site http://www.gringoes.com in the section Brazil through foreign eyes I have noticed some things.       For example,that to learn one language you have to make mistakes here and there (not by design but it happens anyway!)         And that the learning is easy but not effortless, tough is always fun and rewarding eventually.



     One of the interesting points, is expressed in one of those interviews:


11. How is your Portuguese coming along? What words do you find most difficult to pronounce/remember or are there any words that you regularly confuse?


   Pretty good, pretty fluent these days. The fact that I‘ve been here for 10 years and am married to a Brazilian certainly helps! But there are always new situations coming along that bring with them new words. It‘s a lovely way to learn the language as vocabulary can end up being linked to certain events and incidents that often begin with misunderstanding and end up with you ‘owning‘ new words. I recently broke my elbow and spent a month in a sling to keep the arm in place.  

      But the old brain isn‘t what it once was and from the reactions I realised something must be wrong as i went round telling people that yes I was ‘de jiboia‘. It became clearer when my wife pointed out I was telling people I wasn‘t able to go paddling as I had broken my elbow and put a boa constrictor around my neck.

       I seriously considered using the correct word for sling, ‘tipoia‘, but in the end decided against it as it was much more of a laugh referring to a boa constrictor. What can I say? Embrace your mistakes, is perhaps the best advice.


     (So, this guy´s story has much in commom with me! old brain isn´t what it once was, and realizing some mistakes from the reactions! this gives so many dejà vus! hehe.

      And trying not to sweat the small mistakes, but learning from and with them...)




12. What advice do you have for newcomers to Brazil?

    Learn the language. Study it properly. Don‘t kid yourself you‘re learning Portuguese by watching Novelas on the tv and chatting to people in bars and down the beach.           

    You‘re not, and it shows. Take some lessons and then head for the bars and beaches and the whole country opens up for you. You‘ll see the results immediately as people love to mix. Brazil is great fun, even more so if you can communicate with the Brazilians.




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