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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/NOV/2011 11:13 PM
Assunto:  Cultura inútil - Dale

   Fox Fox, it seems to me that you send one contradictory message, kinda hate-love English.
   Well, I am not saying it is the end of the world, hehe, only that it sounds like you are a guy experiencing some difficulty with some English points, maybe it´s about grammar, listening or something else.


   For starters, and not wishing to change your mind at all (it´s up to you, man); I would say that many times you don´t need to talk (falar) English at all to need the language or have fun or profit from it.


    For instance, one would have deem the first 14 minutes of the following video interesting (food for tought).   Others would  think it useful as a philosophical challenge.   Many others would love it just for the fun of the paradoxical way the professor
plays with the events and forces them onto the ropes and back, quite an educational strategy!





    So, you don´t need to say a single word to need English (or any other language, for that matter), just to like learning languages and communicating/learning new things in general.

    By the way, English happens to be the most available language in the Web, in communication, technology, aviation, and so on.  Even if thousands of people in Brazil watch movies, news and the Simpsons in Portuguese somebody had to translate
it into Portuguese.


    I would happily learn others languages as well, but you know how our educational system invest in languages and in education itself!   Anyway, it´s no use to find fault in the system itself, so I try learn by myself and with the help of plenty of people around the world and back here in our country.

     Well, maybe I am not the right guy to talk about this, I study only for fun and intellectual challenge!  he he.

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