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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  10/NOV/2011 9:59 PM
Assunto:  Pagar fiado

She bought this book on the cuff.
Ela comprou esse livro fiado.


One of the major sources of Bob’s customer loyalty was the ability of nearly anyone known to Bob to buy “on-the-cuff”, i.e. on credit.   The term originated in the early 1900’s when bartenders with starched cuffs would keep a tally of a customer’s drinks on the cuff. At Bob’s, there were no credit checks, no forms, no bills sent, just the faith that the customer would settle up, most, if not all, of his outstanding bill at the end of the month. Most did, but a few skipped and Bob took the hit, preferring, true to his benevolent nature, to think it was the hard times and not the customer’s intent to cheat him.


Bookkeeping for the credit customers consisted of small notebooks for each individual customer with hand-written entries for various purchases. The tally of a given purchase would be done in pencil on the outside of the brown paper bag holding the charged goods so the customer would have a record of the transaction. The total of the transaction would then be entered in the customer’s individual book.

And many a loyal customer was created by the fact that an 8 year old could be sent to Bob’s with a note for a pack of Pall Malls and it would be duly honored because the tobacco laws hadn’t kicked in yet.

Assuming 50 customers per 18-hour day for 90 years, there could have been over 1.6 million people entering Bob’s Spa. Even today, many of those former customers visit the store for the Sunday paper as they return to weekly services at St. Thomas. These nostalgia trips keep alive the memory of the Ristuccia family’s devotion to the store and their customers’ goodwill over many years during the good, and not-so-good times.



2 - )  Credit; trust: as, to buy on tick.


Nos Estados Unidos, em geral se diz
To put (someting) on a tab (ou "on XXX's tab", se for especificamente a conta de XXX)
Por exemplo: "Would you please put that beer/CD/sausage/computer "on my tab?"

Buy on tick, buy on a tab.
To acquire something immediately but pay for it later. Most often used when buying drugs but quite valid for any kind of purchase.

There are thee possible origins of the term:

* The vendor keeps a list of who owes what, and "ticks" them off the list on payment
* The vendor has to wait, the clock is ticking
* The customer is a filthy parasite, like a tick on a dogs back.
Customer: What sandwich can I get for six-fiddy?
Vendor: Sorry, sandwiches start at eight dollars.
Customer: Can I get one on tick?
Vendor: I think not.

On tick 8 up, 2 down
To buy something (usually drugs) with an agreement to pay later, like a bar tab.

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