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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/NOV/2011 12:54 AM
Assunto:  cobrança indevida

Also, charged in error:

(iv) Charged in Error. If you believe that Skype has charged you in error, you must contact Skype within 90 days of such charge. No refunds will be given for any charges, which are more than 90 days old.


(iv) Cobranças indevidas: caso julgue que a Skype efectuou uma cobrança indevida, deverá contactar a mesma no prazo de 90 dias após essa cobrança. Não serão concedidos quaisquer reembolsos referentes a cobranças realizadas há mais de 90 dias.




You also might had the phone carrier, or credit card company overcharging you by incurring in billing errors or unexpected fees and charges (cobrando a mais por erro/engano ou de propósito, em alguns casos) or itemises in your calls that you didn´t make in your bill. 

Plus; when it comes to credit cards, you might have unsolicited cards, services, or maybe excess charges for not knowing the complexity of their products (credit).




Example of "undue charge"




Undue charges in power bills 'open robbery': PAC.


ISLAMABAD, May 19 -- The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Tuesday called the collection of TV fee, other taxes and surcharges in inflated electricity bills an "open robbery, and directed the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRANEPRA National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Pakistan)
NEPRA Northeastern Pennsylvania Rocketry Association
NEPRA New England Park Ranger Association
..... Click the link for more information.) officials to appear before the PAC in its next meeting.

PAC Chairman Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan asked NEPRA to explain all such unnecessary charges in consumer electricity bills, and formed a special committee to review the methodology of such billing.

He expressed his dismay, saying that the regulatory authority was responsible safeguarding consumer rights, but it was continuously "slaughtering" consumers through high electricity bills.



Other translation I found to "cobrança indevida" (tough the sense here is a tad different in context):




Unwarranted collection of official registry
Officer will respond to streamline the process for charging for notary service

Cobrança indevida de funcionário de cartório
Funcionário vai responder a processo por cobrar para agilizar serviço cartorário

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