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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/DEZ/2011 2:10 AM
Assunto:  Homologação (novamente)

      Aah, now I got it!     

      You meant the machine capable of printing a tax coupon that is handed to the customer/consumer as a receipt. It replaces the cash register of old, with the benefit of automation. Ain´t it? 



     So, instead of  "homologador de software" I would say HOMOLOGADOR DE EQUIPMAMENTOS ECF".      


    It has to follow the standard "ECF" regardless of the software, this enables a wide range of manufacturers of such equipments to be in the market...IBM, Bematech, Itautec, NCR, SWEDA, ELGIN...and on and on.

   These are example of automation companies acredited in COTEPE, certainly every of them have a software/application of their own.




     Thus, my loose translations:
     In Brazil COTEPE is the Government´s institution responsible for certifying and approval of such ECF equipaments.      

    or =>

    In Brazil COTEPE  is the Brazilian Registration holder for ECF equipments.


     COTEPE is a Permanent Technical Comittee of CONFAZ - the National commitee of Tax Administrations.




1 – O QUE É UM ECF ?
    ECF é o equipamento homologado pela comissão Técnica Permanente do ICMS – COTEPE, órgão ligado ao CONFAZ, e que possui a capacidade de emitir cupom Fiscal.
    Para receber essa denominação. O equipamento deve apresentar as característica definidas pelo convênio ICMS 156/94. Portaria CAT – 55/98, na redação original publicada no DOF de 15/07/94, traz, em seu Anexo 5, a relação de 142 equipamentos ECF homologados pela COTEPE até 29/05/98.



    ECF - Tax Voucher Issuer/Tax coupon [cupom fiscal ], that is, a tax document related to retail consumption/sales.


    - Approval of Equipment held by COTEPE - Permanent Technical Committee of CONFAZ

    - ECF-Emitting Coupon Tax System with the ability to emit Coupon Tax and other tax documents, in accordance with the Covenants GST. Equipment for business automat ion.


ECF - (a kind of) Tax Voucher issuer (that register a simplified Tax Document, and issue a receipt to the retail consumer)

The tax voucher is a simplified tax document in relation to the tax invoice, issued from this specific piece of equipment, called Tax Voucher Issuer – ECF, certified by the Tax Authorities, in which all  information of the operations performed by the commercial establishment are recorded in the “paper coils”.



There are basicaly three types of ECF:
* ECF – MR: Cash Register
* ECF - IF: Tax Printer
* ECF – PDV: POS Terminal – ECF that comprises in one single system the equivalent to an ECF-FI and the computer that sends it the data.  The ECF most used by the commercial establishments is the ECF-IF, that can be understood as a printer comprising special functionality to store and control the tax documents issued.


        POS - point of sale.

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