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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/DEZ/2011 1:36 AM
Assunto:  Ansia.

     Dale answer is very good, applies in most contexts.



      My additions (hunches here, not exactly answers), more of a  set of sentences to be "proofed"/commented/confirmed/changed etc...

       I will assume the ones not commented (if any), as being natural way of speaking in English.



       His/her urge to help only made the situation worse/only worsened the situation.


      - In the urge to help, he/she only spoils the guys, this way they never will be independent enough.


     - It turn out that his urge to help only made the problem ten times worse, in the end.

     - In his eagerness to help, but without the necessary skills only  put him and the people around in a dangerous situation.

     - His urge to help the guy involved in an accident only damaged the guy still more.

      - His urge to help others problably made him sorry this time, it didn´t work; the inevitable bad result only brought stress, anxiety, and trouble for him.


       - Despite his good intent, his urge to help, along with doing the innapropriate action only made things worse.

        - What a mess he has done, after not resisting his urge to "help"!   (kinda ironic...)


         - His urge to help (without thinking) and making risky moves only made things worse.


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