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Autor:  infojunkie
E-mail:  tryingkaspersky@gmail.com
Data:  23/DEZ/2011 1:05 AM
Assunto:  How to translate "dinâmica de grupo"
Mensagem:  Hello everyone.

Here in Brazil it is a very common practice for companies in process of selection of workers for internship/trainee programs to conduct this exercise called dinâmica de grupo.

Companies from a certain size and up will almost always conduct some form of dinâmica de grupo to select people who will then take part in the next stage of the selection process (which could be a job interview or some other type of screening activity).

Just in case you are not familiar with the exercise it goes somewhat like this: the students (college students I mean) are gathered in a room. There is a group of people that already work for the company plus a group of psychologists, but sometimes it can be the psychologists only sometimes. Then people are divided in groups and given some sort of problem (a made up problem situation) to solve. So the students try to solve the problem "role playing" that the problem is a real situation.

Searching the net I found the this exercise can be known simply as "role playing" or something along these lines.

But since I am not really sure I would like to have you people enlighten me in this.

Also, any corrections/suggestions concerning the text itself are very welcome.

Thanks everyone.

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